Smarter Aging Through Connected Experiences

Date: Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Time: 12:00 PM EDT

Digital transformation can bring opportunities to maximize the utility of senior care communities, enable residents to take ownership of their health, and build strong referral sources.

Join our interactive live webinar to learn how technology can be leveraged to best position senior care communities for success.

Attend our webinar to: 

  • Discover why digital transformation should be made a strategic priority by senior care communities

  • Understand how technology helps bridge the digital divide and addresses the impending issue of workforce shortages in senior care

  • Learn how to build brand equity by meaningfully connecting families and enhancing quality of life for residents

  • Explore growth opportunities beyond the four walls of senior living communities

  • Learn how wireless infrastructure, IoT and wearables are elevating the senior care experience


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 Amanda Cavaleri 
Cofounder & CMO, ixora health 

Amanda is a Millennial Entrepreneur in Gerontechnology with a focus on intergenerational design. At ixora health, she is helping to build Ellie, an intelligent concierge to support and engage family caregivers. Amanda has consulted with CCRCs regarding technology adoption, home and community-based services, and workforce development.

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Jason Claybrook
Head of Marketing and Business Development, Samsung

Jason is Head of Marketing and Business Development at Samsung Wireless Enterprise division. As a marketing veteran and technology enthusiast, Jason closely follows networking and communication trends, technology changes, and market forces that impact senior care and other verticals.

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W. Reid Estreicher
Senior Care Practice Lead & IoT Technologist, Samsung

Reid is Senior Care Practice Lead and IoT Technologist at Samsung. With a background in mobile solutions engineering and business development, Reid has engaged in various public speaking settings and brings with him expertise in IoT and other technologies that enhance the capabilities of senior care communities.